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Levi’s, a brand which is also called Levi Strauss is the epitome of jeans still today as the very brand in the world which in fact invented jeans and made it popular all over the world. Levi’s was therefore a real juggernaut of his age and with the starting up of the mass production of jeans; it has really opened a completely new age in terms of fashion making jeans one of the best-loved and most worn materials ever in the whole world. Let us see where does the Levi’s story start and where we can find Levi’s stores in Singapore.

Levi’s is really the jeans brand that needs no special introduction. The brand is the founder of jeans as a wearable material that started its career as a work-wear for industrial and farm workers. Levi’s is still the most important jeans producer in the world and has stores all across the globe still selling its most famous line the 501. Levi’s is also very popular for its great ads that had made models, actors such as Brad Pitt and songs world famous.

Levi’s was founded as early as in 1873 when Levi Strauss, who arrived in the US from Bavaria, Germany invented denim and jeans as an extremely durable material and started to make male trousers specifically aiming industrial and agricultural workers and even cowboys including everyone whose work really required a material cosy and durable, almost irrespectively of seasons. The first shop of Levi’s was in New York, where he sold dry goods. Levi has patented his way of making jeans, a strong patent that was used over a hundred times to sue fellow jeans-making companies who used patented work of Levi’s. Levi’s is still a family held company and has its centre in San Francisco. Levi’s denim started to grow and become a loved street-wear for the younger generation from the late Sixties when the brand also came out with its first version of 501, the one and only shrink-to-fit jeans in the world. The sales of Levi’s had dropped in the Nineties due to a strong competition but the brand got over this and sells its branded style with extreme success in the world.

Levi’s style is great and cosy for men, women and it has released its first Kid’s collection about a decade ago. It also offers casual and sporty clothes along with their jeans that still represent the majority of Levi’s collection, which is perfectly suitable for all age groups. The 501 is still the highest selling clothing product of Levi’s which has been recently joined by a fit-to-curves patented style of jeans which also caused a big success and highly bought ever since it has debuted at Levi’s. Apart from that, you can find around 20 different styles of jeans and denim trousers and various clothes for both men and women.

Levi’s or Levi Strauss International Corporation operates three geographical divisions, that includes Levi Strauss Americas, Levi Strauss Europe, Middle East and Africa with a Brussels headquarters and Levi Strauss Asia Pacific Division headquartered in Singapore. This way, Singapore plays a key role in the operation of a whole continental division of Levi’s. Levi’s stores are called: Levi’s Ladies, Levi’s shop-in-shop and Original Levi’s stores.

Being the centre of APAC Region, Levi’s has huge number of stores in Singapore. You can find Levi’s stores and Original Levi’s at every single downtown shopping mall in Singapore, either in the downtown or along the great Orchard Road. The biggest shopping malls include Bugis Junction, Plaza Singapura, Ngee Ann, Vivo City, Raffles City, Ion Orchard and 313@Somerset.

The latest charity campaign of Levi’s is called “Give us your used jeans and get a new one with a US $100 discount” is a great deal and brings millions of customers to Levi’s stores in Singapore to take part in this great charity and discount program. Check out the best jeans and clothes at Levi’s at Singapore and hurry, before the great after-Christmas deals are over.